10th-16th August 2022 Tuning into the Wild: Francesco Zita, Maria Malone & Akil Morgan

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15 September 2021
1st-8th August 2022 July Stanzak – Poetry into movement
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10th-16th August 2022 Tuning into the Wild: Francesco Zita, Maria Malone & Akil Morgan

TUNING INTO THE WILD 10th-16th August 2022

Francesco Zita and Maria Malone

Tuning into the Wild returns for a 5th (?) year. The brainchild of Casina Settarte founder Francesco Zita this annual course invites people of any experience level to explore their hidden energy and creativity though dancing in different contexts, following the rhythms of the inner body and the natural world.

Roots: a basis to dance. Franco’s workshops are based on principles from Aikido ,Tai Chi, Chi kung, Contact improvisation, instant composition and body work . This work will inspire us to let go and flow contacting ourselves, partners, and the surrounding nature. During the classes we will practice grounding, spirals and flow into the movement, intention, connection centre-extremity, moving without effort, exploring different kind of touch and weight, tuning with partners and environment, energetic massage

Francesco Zita is a Tai chi-Chi kung and Contact improvisation teacher, Biodinamic Craniosacral therapist, dancer and performer.

In the early 80’s he started his training in theatre-improvisation, martial arts (Aikido, Kung fu), Yoga (Iyengar).  He also studied massage, including shiatsu, ayurvedic massage and bodywork.

His interest for Taoist philosophy will bring him to develop his interest for Permaculture and Deep Ecology that will enrich the possibility to be in harmony with the Tao, the ‘Way of  Nature’.

Maria Malone is a artist and performer with a diverse practice including in theatre, site specific performance, video and teaching. Her main movement forms are contemporary dance, improvisation, physical theatre and Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art which she has been practicing for 20 years including during prolonged periods in Brazil.

Maria is a hatha yoga teacher (training in India and UK) and co-founder of Movema a community dance company specialising in dances from around the world, www.movema.co.uk.

Maria also works as a movement director and movement coach for theatre and bands and regularly choreographs for music videos.

Wild Warrior is a practice that Maria developed whilst working with Ori Dance collective, which combines combining her own personal movement inspirations of Capoeira, Contemporary Dance, Yoga and Improvisation.  Sessions involve movement meditations, contemporary dance skills and techniques, capoeira movement principles, games and free dancing.

For this seminar we take this practice outdoors and, starting with Body Weather Butoh techniques to tune into our natural surroundings, we explore how nature; the wind, the sun, the sea, movement of trees, our eye moving over the landscape can also be inspirational partners in our dance.


Akil Morgan is a Capoeira and movement teacher and performer, and founder of Capoeira for All CIC, a social enterprise using Capoeira for positive social change.

His movement work includes philosophies of the body that incorporate Kung Fu, Afro-Brazilian dance forms such as Maculele, and music and song as connection to our-self. His Capoeira philosophy emphasises well-being and healing and challenging many of the dis-embodying and dis-empowering forms of society today.


Accessible and fun, come ready to challenge yourself and explore your movement style.

Find your inner warrior, challenge yourself, unlock your dancing body, learn new skills to unleash your flow.

Come to sweat, come to enjoy, come to connect to yourself, come to connect to others and with nature.


Practical Info:

 Arrivals: 10th August at 5pm

Departures 16th August after the practice and breakfast, around 11 am

Sessions are taught aprox 10-12 & 4-6pm per day (subject to change) and will take place in the open air (covered) studio or in the surrounding countryside or at the beach.

The rest of the time participants have use of the dance studio, small pool, surrounding countryside, beach (10 min drive).

Some evening classes may be arranged TBC


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