11 –18 July 2020 DANCING ARCHITECTS: Architectural Body // Urban Choreography with Takako Hasegawa & Julie Anne Stanzak (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch)

26 Luglio – 02 Agosto 2020 Poesia e necessità nel movimento con Julie Stanzak (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch)
15 gennaio 2020
19-25 Luglio 2020 Feldenkrais & Contact Improvisation con Simonetta Alessandri e Adalisa Menghini
15 gennaio 2020

11 –18 July 2020 DANCING ARCHITECTS: Architectural Body // Urban Choreography with Takako Hasegawa & Julie Anne Stanzak (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch)

Calling for Architecture students, recent graduates, architects and designers in spatial practice! *

Dancing Architects invite you for our second workshop this summer to open up a fresh perception of space and architecture by moving. 

No prior dance or choreographic experience required.

An interdisciplinary exploration, the workshop will take you to a personal journey of architectural choreography. Julie Anne Stanzak will awaken our spatial awareness in various invigorating movement workshops. With individual inner motivations and senses, participants will learn to express embodied ideas through the physicality of our bodies and choreography in relation to people; to objects; to the space and surroundings; to the streets and the city; and to the world around us – constantly transient in time and space that also change with our body and mind. Together, we will work towards creating shared experiences in the form of performance, as an experimental architectural dialogue. Our field of operation will be the beautiful and sustainable setting of Casina Settarte, as well as the urban streets and spaces in the white city of Ostuni, Apulia, Italy.

Activities include various movement workshops, talks and seminars on architecture and movement, discussions and tutorials, making of props and body extensions, and the final performative presentations with invited guests. Expect to challenge the idea of architecture by moving together!

Arrival 11th July at 2 pm

Departures 18th July at 12:00 noon

○ Application will open in spring 2020 – watch this space for more info to come. 

About Dancing Architects

With the idea ‘architecture as movement’, Dancing Architects cross-pollinates architecture and contemporary dance through dialogues, workshops and forums. While learning from various choreographic practices, Dancing Architects invite radical experimentations and explorations in search for alternative ways of articulating and creating architecture and its experience. By activating ideas through the physicality of our bodies, we explore new possibilities and horizons in relation to space and people; occupation and habitation; notions of time and change – the embodied and intangible choreographies that make up the world.

Takako Hasegawa (Founder of Dancing Architects)

Born and raised in Tokyo, Takako is based in London and works across architecture, performance, education, and photography. Engaging with movement as an agency for architectural thinking and its creative process, Takako approaches architecture through choreography, and as choreography.

Julie Anne Stanzak (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch)

Since her young age in the USA, Julie Anne Stanzak has always been a dancer. In 1986, Julie joined Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, a legendary Dance Theatre Company in Germany, where she has been performing to this day, and has travelled throughout the world with the company to its critical acclaim.


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