11-17 August 2019 Tuning into the Wild

18-31 August2019: Master Yoga withMaurizio Morelli
15 November 2018
5-10 Agosto – Heart and Soul
15 November 2018

11-17 August 2019 Tuning into the Wild


Francesco Zita

Roots: a basis to dance. The seminar is based on principles coming from Aikido ,Tai chi-Chi kung, Contact improvisation, instant composition and body work . This work will inspire us to let go and flow contacting ourselves, partners, and the surrounding nature. During the classes we will practice grounding, spirals and flow into the movement, intention, connection centre-extremity, moving without effort, exploring different kind of touch and weight, tuning with partners and environment, energetic massage

Francesco Zita is a Tai chi-Chi kung and Contact improvisation teacher, Biodinamic Craniosacral therapist, dancer and performer.

In the early 80’s he started his training in theatre-improvisation, martial arts (Aikido, Kung fu), Yoga (Iyengar).  He also studied massage, including shiatsu, ayurvedic massage and bodywork.

In 1994, Francesco and Germana Siciliani founded ‘Casinasettarte’ research center in the field of dance improvisation, Contact improvisation, dance-theatre, Butoh dance, martial arts, Feldenkrais, voice and movement and performance.

His interest for Taoist philosophy will bring him to develop his interest for Permaculture and Deep Ecology that will enrich the possibility to be in harmony with the Tao, the ‘Way of  Nature’.


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