12-16 july Bodylab Asaf Barach & Matthieu Gaudeau

Julie Stanzak 25-30 Luglio – Poesia e necessità nel movimento
2 January 2017
14-18th June.The poetry of the movement. Anjelika Doniy & Leonardo Lambruschini
4 January 2017

12-16 july Bodylab Asaf Barach & Matthieu Gaudeau

Next July 2017….

5 days of exploration in the studio and in nature around the themes of the bodylab series 2012-2016:
The normed body
Image and sensation
the pedagogical posture

led by Matthieu Gaudeau and Asaf Bachrach

Last year, we had questioned the concept of “environment” ( (milieu) as a place of “in-between” where the gesture articulates and organizes itself, a place that exists only in relation to an action that brings it about but also conversely, the sense of self which exists only by virtue of the action that brings it about..
For this new edition at the casina settarte we propose to take this “middle” as a point of departure and adding different materials that we have developed over three years of Bodylab seetings. Sort of remembrance and opportunity to create or let emerge new connections, echoes or contradictions.
The first year of Bodylab was devoted to the gravitational invariant then in the second we interrogated the concept of the “normed body”, explicit or implicit in certain somatic practices, contact improvisation and dance improvisation. In 2015 we focused on the relationship between sensation and image in the construction of the gesture and its extension into dance. And this year we have questioned the transmission of body knowledge under the heading of “pedagogical posture.”

Finally, we propose that this “remembrance” is an opportunity to elaborate the notion of traces as we will be accompanied by a video artist-dancer who actively participate in the process.

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