12th-18th July -EMbodyING LANDSCAPES| intensive composition lab merging body and nature

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12th-18th July -EMbodyING LANDSCAPES| intensive composition lab merging body and nature

EMbodyING LANDSCAPES| intensive composition lab merging body and nature with Rossella Canciello, Roberta Ricci, Stefania Petracca

Info & details : embodyinglandscapes@gmail.com

One week residential workshop for site specific composition and body work. An opportunity to explore your body in an enveloping landscape, to improve your improvisation skills, creating the architecture of your own dance within nature. At the end of the work you’ll have the chance to have an edited video as documentation of your performance and experience


  • •  29 hours LAB
  • •  3 teachers
  • •  personal mentoring
  • •  creative excursions in the nature
  • •  huge open training studio, mq 200
  • •  video’s performance edited
  • •  6 nights accommodations in apartments and/or camping
  • •  daily vegetarian/vegan meals (typical Apulian food cooked by a local chef)
  • •  free time (sea close by)
  • •  covid-19 safety rules (max. 15 partecipants)*These 6 days will be dedicated to ourselves, to our physical well being. Entering gently into our own anatomy, giving to the body the possibility to reconnect with itself. Over the days the morning training will alternate between three different disciplines: Pilates, GYROKINESIS® method, Movement & Body Awareness.
    In the afternoon we will focus on the crea+on work.We’ll explore and analyze, through instant composi+on skills, how the body and the sound can transform the space and be transformed by it. The body will become a new sonic instrument, a specific tool for a choreographic score in connection with space and time. Simultaneously, we’ll investigate the body’ s new abilities to produce a dance vocabulary inspired by a receptive, intuitive, playful and instinctive attitude.We want to investigate and support the poetry of the body within the performative frame. The aim of the workshop will be the creation of a site specific composition work in a wonderful space immersed in nature, such as the south of Italy. Personal mentoring is offered throughout the week, in addition you have the opportunity to share this experience during an evening performance. The work will be recorded and the final result given to all the participants to the lab.The workshop is open to fellow improvisers, dancers, actors, performers, artists and all who are interested in expanding their own imagination and knowledge on improvisation, in the beautiful surrounding of Itria valley.
  • *A test will be requested according with the regionals rules- for whom are coming from abroad the test is included in the trip.

    Info & details : embodyinglandscapes@gmail.com

    Ore directly here: https://embodying-landscapes.weebly.com


    Rossella Canciello, Italian born and currently based in Berlin, is a choreographer and dancer. Over the years she’s worked with international dance companies and theaters (Goldoni Theater, Deutsche Oper, Staatsoper Im Schiller Theater, Arabesque Company, Ensemble Ballet). Since 2000 she’s been creating pieces as indipendent choreographer and performing them across Europe. In 2006 she, in collaboration with Luca Canciello (musician and composer), gave birth to their own project , “Stepstuned“, focused on the research of interaction between sound/noise and movement. Taking part, with their works, in several Festivals between Italy and Germany.
    She collaborates with Susanne Linke, being involved in different projects and recently as assistant for her workshops. As an educator she teaches contemporary technique, composi+on and improvisation. Besides her dancing work she also teaches GYROKINESIS® method.


    Roberta Ricci, is an italian dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She earned her master’s degree in Contemporary Dance and Performance at Movimento Danza in Naples. She has been working in several state theaters as well as for independent companies, realizing projects in many parts of Europe (among others: Cadmium compagnie in Paris – Movimento Danza in Naples -REVOLVEr Dance Theater in Berlin). She develops her work, alone and in collaboration with a variety of artists, presenting her creations at different festivals and venues (Sophiensaele, Uferstudios, Laborgras, Festival Teatro Italia, TaorminaArte , PAN Palazzo delle Ar+ Naples) She is a co-founder / artist of the Berlin-based Company HAA. Dance is her way to express the inner world using something very tangible which is the body. Teaching is a very important part of her work: she teaches contemporary technique, composition and improvisation. She is also a certified Pilates BASI® teacher.



    Dancer, teacher and choreographer cruising in Berlin since 2013, Stefania, is present on the dance scene also as improviser, in collaboration with various artists. Interdisciplinary work and diving together into Instant Composition respond to the urge to explore reality and herself in relation with it, as they are in constant muta+on. Thus creating pieces as solos and in collabora+on with collectives, such as the ensemble One:Third – winner of the prize 100°Berlin 2015 . She has taken part in festivals and stages (Sophiensaele, Sound Dance, Labor Grass, Ackerstadt Palast, Fusion among other). After her degree at the C. I. M. D. in Milan, she deepened her knowledge in technique with various choreographers among Italy, Berlin and Amsterdam. She currently pursues her own projects and continues her path. Being certified in dance pedagogy, she teaches adults and very young children alike.



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