2-6 august Little dance, Big Dance. Feldenkrais, Contact and ensemble improvisation

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31 December 2016
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2-6 august Little dance, Big Dance. Feldenkrais, Contact and ensemble improvisation

Photo Michele Cipriani

Simonetta Alessandri and Rick Nodine

The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic discipline which uses experiential learning to achieve a phycho-phisical awareness of the whole self.  Directing attention to internal sensation through exploratory sequences of movement we will question our habits in order to open new possibilities in our physical organization.The non judgmental approach of the Method encourages curiosity, experimentation and creativity.

In Simonetta’s work Feldenkrais will be a base from which we move into dance.  Gradually  we will expand our movement into space, exploring  and manipulating Feldenkrais patterns  through solo improvisation. Internal kinesthetic awareness will be extended into external relationships with space and time. We will develop  movement patterns from Feldenkrais to underpin Contact Improvisation principals.

Rick’s work is a blend of Contact Improvisation’s approach to the body with the structure of the Contemporary Dance class.  He mixes improvisational approaches with choreographed movement to articulate the soft athletics and multidirectional awareness of CI in solo movement. His class also taps the energy, unity and fun of traveling through space with music.

In the afternoon Simonetta and Rick will take the qualities, skills and discoveries from morning class into contact dances.  The clarity and subtlety of the somatic work will be reflected in how we listen and respond to a partner. The solo technical work will be a doorway to studying the easy acrobatics of Contact partnering.

Duet dancing will expand into group improvisation with compositional awareness.  Together we will create a space where trust and humor support vigorous dancing, practicing, processing, Jamming, watching, body working, resting and discussion in the amazing open–air dance studio in the landscape of Valle d’Itria.

where trust and humour to support vigorous dancing, practicing, processing, watching, body working, resting and talking about our work together.

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