6-10 september. The word is sound- september retrait

12-18 luglio. Laboratorio intensivo di composizione coreografica
10 gennaio 2021
9-15 Agosto 2021 Tuning into the wild Francesco Zita
15 gennaio 2021

6-10 september. The word is sound- september retrait

The retreat invites you to a journey of intimacy with your body, voice, senses and surroundings. Reconnecting with our capacities of embodied listening in a natural environment, we tune in to our own voice and become present to the others and the acoustic dance around us. At Casina Settarte we will share a communal experience, in closeness to the rich natural landscape of Itria Valley, slowing down our pace to allow a state of soft presence, loving playfulness, deep listening.
The workshop is open to artists and life venturers who wish to deepen their experience on the physicality of voice and to engaging in a dialogue with the natural environment as a source of guidance, re-alignment, well being.
It is not expected that you have any formal study background, if you resonate with our offer, this workshop is for you.


Every day we will have a morning and an afternoon session in the sheltered outdoor studio, where we will introduce our practice and vision about different aspect of the physical voice: Deep Listening meditations, experiential anatomy of the breathing/moving/vocal bodies, somatic work, singing in circle. The work will alternate individual tasks with partner- and group work, with special attention given to creating a safe space where each participant feels welcome to connect with their inner world and share its gifts with the circle.


Each day there will be a lunch break followed by a siesta to rest and enjoy free time. Depending on the group flow, there might also be the possibility to rent cars for single days to visit the seaside or some of the typical villages around Casina.


Each day there will be a morning session followed by a lunch break and a siesta time to rest and enjoy free time. In the afternoon we will have a second session of work until dinner time. In the evening we will enjoy free time (spending time in the nature at Casina Settarte, and visiting the villages around if there are enough rented cars from the participants).

General Schedule:


  • 5 September: pick up at 5pm at Ostuni train station / settling into the rooms / fee payment / welcome dinner


  • 11 September: in the morning


  • 09:00 Breakfast

  • 10:30 Morning Session

  • 13:30 Lunch / Free Time

  • 16:00 Afternoon Session

  • 19:30 Dinner / Free time

>> Note on group self-management: to keep the accommodation prices affordable, the participants will be responsible to prepare a simple breakfast and tidy the kitchen everyday after each meals. On the day of arrival we will create small groups of participants so that each group can contribute to the kitchen maintenance.

The schedule of the activities times may be subject to change during the retreat in agreement with the participants.

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