舞踏の体/ The body of butoh

Teacher: Tiziana Longo-Motimaru

5days Butoh Retreat

Credits: Gabriele Cafici

A 5 days Intensive Journey in one of the most beautiful location in Italy, to dig deeper into ourselves through the art of embodiment, Butoh.

Butoh is a Japanese dance where we transform our whole life existence into a poetic body.

Though ,ultimately, butoh is a form of performing art, its essence stays not on the final artistic result, the performance, but in its process.

When we enter in a butoh experience we dig deeper in our own shadows and light zones.

If we really immerse in it, such an experience can functions as a metaphoric surgery:

we learn to accept and letting go,

we befriend with ourselves, the others and everything else

we do live our physical, emotional and mental life fully without judgement

we do discover an whole Universe within

And from within a flower blooms

“Butoh is to cherish life and take precious every single moment”

Kazuo Ohno

In this workshop:

– we will first relax, breath and reconnect:

body to breath, body to mind, body to space, body to nature and body to heart

In this way slowly slowly a new poetic “Body-Mind-Space-Nature” organism will emerge.

Everyday in the first hours we will work and practice Body Awareness with Svastha Yoga and Mindfulness


– we will develop inner connection within the gross anatomical body

-we will open and sharpen our perception and develop a subtle body

-we will than start our butoh training practicing the basics

-we will lately enter into the metamorphosing practices

-Finally we will improvise, edit and create

This workshop is ideal for both beginners and also professionals in the performing arts.

Every artist from every field is welcome, every non artist from every field  is welcome.

Every sex, fluidity, body type, skin colour and belief is welcome.

Scientist, engineers as well as psychologists, pedagogues, chefs and food-makers are welcome

This workshop is for everyone

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For the older students:

For the older students of the 1 month Intensive or other Intensive 5-10 days workshop there will be simultaneous additional tailor-made guidances for you.


Yoshito Ohno, son of Kazuo Ohno, was the first dancer present on the stage of the first butoh performance “Kinjiki” in 1959. He was from the beginning present of butoh’s history and he was himself a living piece of that history.

Recently he passed away, leaving a big hole with a lot of concerns about the future of butoh  in Japan and its worldwide transmission.

Yoshito was certainly the one who could convey the history, the philosophy, the methodology of butoh and its controversial aspects.
He was for all of his life between his father Kazuo Ohno, and the founder, Tatsumi Hjikata.  He tried to filter their teachings and put together a methodology to create a 舞踏の体 ” body of butoh”

Indeed butoh is not a free dance where we just dance freely. This is often  a western misunderstanding.

While everyone in the butoh world was thinking to define his/her own dance, Yoshito was thinking for the future of butoh and everyone; carrying his philosophy, thinking to develop a methodology, embodying himself the poetry of butoh.

Indeed whoever has met Yoshito can agree with me that Yoshito was “the body of butoh” and its poetry.

In this workshop we will experience part of his methodology and the exercises in the way he used to teach.

The exercises serve:

-to build up the butoh posture, a stage presence and a training habit.

-lately to activate a creative approach to find out our own form of dance.
Yoshito’s teachings speak not only to the professionals but to everyone. They speaks about life and its flower.

The rest is art.
Original texts and materials will be shared during the workshop.

 からだ/ The body
-warming up


-空間 Space

 基本: The basics


-踏む : ‘toh’ of butoh

-Other basics


-針と糸 Needle &Thread/ An encounter

-紙一重:1paper difference
-紙と花 : Paper & Flower/ Encountering with inner Flower

-体から沸き上がる To be born from within

-Museum of nature

-Collecting and Embodying different textures


-Body Installation
-Combination and improvisation

-Final Creation

General Schedules

Arriving 5th September

Start 6th September

Finish 10th September

Departure 11th September at 10:30


From 6th to 10th

Breakfast: 8:30-9:00

First Session: 10:00-13:30


Second Session: 14:30-16:00

Free Time & Dinner


Free time:

During the free time there will be also the option to relax at the beachside or visit the other close villages and location around Casina, such as for example Alberobello or so.

About the teacher:

Tiziana Longo-Motimaru

Tizy Profile

Credit: Olga Berdikyan

Based in Berlin since 2010, Tiziana Longo, co-founder of Motimaru Dance Company, is an independent international performing artist, choreographer, dancer, and teacher, specialized in  dramaturgy of movement, composition and Japanese contemporary “butoh”.
After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts at the University of Bologna, Tiziana spent five years in Japan.

She studied at the renowned Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, with Yoshito, son of Kazuo Ohno, and co-founder of Japanese butoh dance.

During her time in Japan, she learnt Butoh, Japanese language, translated at Yoshito’s international workshops, accompanied him on tours abroad and danced with him.
After 2 years she won a 1 seat scholarship as a foreign artist from the Japanese Ministry of Culture.

Later she has done fieldwork research on Eastern Dances in Japan, India, Nepal, Bali. In those travels, she experienced the cultural/artistic aspect of dance and also its primitive, social, psychological aspects.
Her Spectrum of body-mind research has expanded further to the philosophy of Yoga (Hatha Yoga Teacher Training), Tibetan Buddhism, Levine’s psychology of trauma’s healing, and the T.R.E. (Trauma/Tension Release Exercise Method Certified Provider).
As a choreographer and dance coach, her work focus is on the movement behind the dance itself, and its possibilities for expansion, embodiment and transformation.

Since 2010 In Berlin and abroad she has been leading regular classes, intensive thematic workshops and retreats for professionals in the performing arts and also for beginners and/or non artists.

Over the past 16 years, she has performed internationally and taught in more than 30 cities in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Her workshops have been taught in universities, dance institutes, centres, within festivals or organized by individual heartfelt organizers.

In 2020 her work appear in the book “Something called butoh”.

In 2021 her performance project “Acqua, wie die Steine” was selected and supported by Bezirk Neukolln for the Festival Uber Wasser in Berlin.

In 2021 she also won a Dance Stipendium from DachverbandTanz , Neu Start Kultur for the realization of the book “Come le pietre sul letto del fiume”  that is now in progress/completion.

She is also working at the dramatugy/choreography of “Ping Pong, an

independent film by Kristina Shtubert.

She performed in several International Dance Festivals:

“Venice Biennale/ Marathon of the unexpected”  (Italy) 2010  – selected by and under the direction of Ismael Ivo; “No Ballet” Ludwigshafen (Germany) 2014, at “Lucky Trimmer” International Dance Festival in Berlin (Germany) 2016, “Dance ga Mittai” Contemporary Dance Festival in Tokyo (Japan) 2016, “Oulu Dance Festival Oulu (Finland) 2016, etc…
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24 dicembre 2021

5-10 settembre 舞踏の体/ The body of butoh- Tiziana Longo Motimaru

舞踏の体/ The body of butoh Teacher: Tiziana Longo-Motimaru 5days Butoh Retreat Credits: Gabriele Cafici A 5 days Intensive Journey in one of the most beautiful location […]