Dance studios

– One large dance studio of 200 square meters with wooden floor. The space is covered from sun and rain and has open sides with blinds that can be pulled down for further protection from wind, rain or sun.

– One small studio 7x5m with wooden floor, central heating and a wonderful view.


The Land

We are surrounded by 2 hectares of land with Olive groves, fig trees, wild herbs (thyme, capers, oregano), almond trees and an organic garden which you can use for relaxation, research and creation.

*some limitations on use of sound and certain delicate areas apply, please see our ‘Essential information’ section and talk to us before using outdoor spaces.



The Geodesic Dome

We recently built a Geodesic dome 7 meters in diameter for open air activities. The wooden structure is comprised of complex network of triangles, hexagons and pentagons and is particularly suitable for energy work and meditations.