26 luglio-1 agosto. Dal Feldenkrais alla danza Simonetta Alessandri & Adalisa Menghini

2-9 Agosto 2021 Poesia e necessità nel movimento con Julie Stanzak (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch)
15 gennaio 2021

26 luglio-1 agosto. Dal Feldenkrais alla danza Simonetta Alessandri & Adalisa Menghini

From Feldenkrais into dance  Simonetta Alessandri & Adalisa Menghini

The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic discipline which uses experiential learning to achieve a phycho-phisical awareness of the whole self. Directing attention to internal sensation through exploratory sequences of movement  we will question our habits and clarify choices in order to promote efficiency, freedom and new possibilities in our physical organization.

We will begin our days practicing body awareness with the Feldenkrais Method and principles of Neurophysiology. Both of these are gentle and powerful approaches to movement which deepen the sense of how we move, increase the quality of coordination and assist the development of a balanced postural tone. We will  practice being supple and responsive, trusting ourselves and the floor, playing with momentum and maintaining equilibrium while dancing in disorienting, ever changing relationship to the ground. Awareness of the roots of the movement and the emergence of new possibilities gives us a reinvigorating sense of ownership and pleasure in our dancing.  In the afternoon, we will experiment with physical, kinaesthetic and movement ideas, giving the mind a way to tune while dancing. In a playful environment, we will focus on the body performative potential practicing specific improvisational scores to facilitate a variety of dance explorations from solo to group. The dance studio is open to the landscape and sits up on a hill. There is a breeze allowing for dance in the mornings and evenings, there is time for the beach in the middle of the day.

The number of participant is limited: contact us as soon es possible:

Registration: adamen.menghini@googlemail.com  /  simonettaalessandri@gmail.com / 

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