18-22 august Gabriella Maiorino INTENSIVE WORKSHOP on PERFORMANCE & CREATION

Gabriella Maiorino


The workshop is intended for dancers, choreographers and performers. We will perform in different locations in Valle d’Itria

what is a performer?

what makes the body a magnetic element for the look of the audience?

what is the relationship between the control and the letting go in the act of performing?

which physical and verbal practices can help guiding the complex and rich force which inhabits the performer?

which physical and verbal practices can help stimulate and organize the process of creation of the performance?

the intensive workshop will work around 3 main focuses:

-the daily practice of a physical language which is powerful and subtle, complex, open and oriented towards an “intense body”.The multi-layered intense body is in a constant process of listening external and  inner elements in the dance. The daily practice will be connected to the research on the performance

(floor wor, improvisation and research, choreographic material)

– the deepening of own creation process, individual and in groups, towards the formation of small performative seeds to experiment with in the workshop and in the external locations

– the work of relationship, in the studio and outside, with the different environments and places of performance.

The study of how the material is created, or adapted or in a eventual conflict with the nature (architectural, social, poetic etc) of each environment.

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