Casina Settarte has various accommodation options available for visitors who can select where they stay based on needs and availability.

Please note: We run differently to traditional accommodation (Hostels, Bed and Breakfast etc.) staying with us requires a different approach, flexibility and respect for nature are absolutely necessary.

With this in mind we have put together some Essential information for potential visitors which you must read before you arrive. Please click here.

The Trullo

A beautiful traditional southern Italian home.

3-4 beds, 1 double on the ground floor and 1 double/ 2 singles on the mezzanine, a bathroom and kitchenette.


The Lamia

Quaint stone dormitory with an open fire.

4 single beds with a kitchen and bathroom.


The Little Grotto

A cute, cosy  little cave.

3-4 single beds in a room carved into the rock next to the dance studio.


Double Room

Double bed with ensuite bathroom next to the study, Recommended for visiting teachers.


The Fishouse

Rustic wooden bungalow with 3 single beds and sea views on clear days.



The Pine Forest

A perfect camping ground with shaded areas and flat surfaces that can accommodate up to 10 tents.