Volunteers and Wwoofers at Casina Settarte

We invite people to be part of the wonderful world of Casina Settarte throughout the year depending our needs month by month.

We usually specify a minimum work-stay period of 4 weeks to make it worthwhile for both parties.


Working Arrangements

6 hours a day 6 days a week.

At certain times of the week you will receive instruction from and work alongside the Directors but you will also be required to work autonomously as we are not always onsite due to outside work commitments.

We are open to new ideas and look forward to hearing about particular skills or interests you may have that we could use. Please don’t be afraid to tell us if you have a specific project you would like to work on whilst you are here.



Please email us your application including;

  • Tell us about yourself – interests, experience (especially in manual work), motivation.
  • What you would like to do here
  • Languages you speak
  • Reference letter
  • Photo (not obligatory)

Please make sure you have suitable insurance before you arrive. More information on this can be found on www.wwoof.net or www.workaway.info.

Jobs at Casina Settarte

Horticulture and Olive/ Fruit Picking

Depending on the season work can include;

  • Harvesting (Olive harvest is from November to December)
  • Digging
  • Weeding
  • Pruning
  • Spreading compost
  • Collecting herbs
  • Making jams, preserves, pickles, drying herbs.
  • Cutting firewood


Construction and DIY

  • Helping to construct sheds, eco-structures and other things
  • Repairs and maintenance of existing structures
  • Painting and decorating
  • Making an occasional ground oven etc.



We ask that everyone volunteering and staying here works together to keep the communal spaces and other spaces clean and tidy (including the kitchen, living room, patio etc.). This is especially important as we constantly have new visitors and clients and we need to be sure that Casina Settarte always looks its best.



Food is provided for volunteers to cook together. We love to cook, eat and clean together with our volunteers in the spirit of community when possible!

We try to use vegetables, fruit and herbs we have grown ourselves when possible. Please talk to us before picking anything onsite.


Other Work

Babysitting, taking care of pets.



If the Trullo is free up to 2 people can stay in it.

The Lamia is also available for 2-4 people.

Both have a kitchenette and bathroom with a shower.

In Summer months this accommodation is used for workshop participants and volunteers will be required to stay in a shaded tent with the use of external kitchen, bathrooms and the electricity at the house??

Wifi is available across the site with some limited signal strength in certain areas.

Please have a look at our Accommodation page for more information


Free Time

There are many lovely places to visit in the local area, including cities, villages, areas of natural beauty and wonderful walks.

By bus you can easily get to;

Ostuni (7km)

Cisternino (7km)

Martina Franca (14km)

Ceglie (14km)


Lecce (80km)

By Train:

Matera (100km)

The bus-stop is 1.2km away on the road to Ostuni/Cisternino

We also have 2 bicycles that you can use.