10th-15th August 2023 Tuning into the Wild

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20 November 2022
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10th-15th August 2023 Tuning into the Wild 🗓

TUNING INTO THE WILD 10th-15th August 2023 with Yuko Matsuyama, Nico Lippolis, Francesco Zita

Through the collaboration of three teachers Yuko, Francesco and Nico, Tuning into the wild edition 2023 will focus on the breathing and listening of ourselves and the deep motivation that bring us to dance.
We will be inspired from different techniques to be in touch with our body/mind/soul starting from Qi Gong , continuing with “Wind voice movement practice”, and relaxing with “sound and voice bathing“. The combination of the different practice and approaches to movement will help us to go deeper to feel gravity, air resistance, fluidity, continuity, spirals, element that will support our dance.
We will expand our presence working on solo and group improvisation, playing with “pushing hands”, partnering and contact improvisation
Alive music will accompany us in the outdoor dance sessions and dance studio
Voice and movement practice referring to the wind.
Sound bathing with voice with Yuko Matsuyama 

In this workshop I’d like to share my practice to let us think about the wind, to be precise – the natural movement of the earth’s atmosphere.
What we hear as a sound or music is vibration in the air. Listen to the air that exists outside and inside our body, we re-experience the sensation of the wind and the calm in our memory.

It contain practices of listening, vocalisation (singing) and movement/dance in improvisation.

Each session we’ll start with breathing exercises for effective vocalisation. Vocal exercises are focus on the sensation of vibration rather than correcting pitches. Once we recognise the resonance in our body, we’ll expand our voice to harmonise with others’.

We’ll then apply this awareness of vibration in the air, exploring it to the topic of the day in improvisation.

Practice dance-improvisation from the perspective of sound and music (what our ears actually listen to) is the idea behind this workshop.

YUKO MATSUYAMA *  is a voice and movement artist. Her mother and master of Nihon Buyo
(Japanese classical dance) Fujima Kankyohmi brought her into dance as age of two. Later she join the musical and Revue company Takarazuka Revue (Japan), where she performed for their original productions and well known musicals such as ‘Me & My Girl’, Tommy Tune’s ‘Ground Hotel’ or ‘Elisabeth’ by Michael Kunze.

Since 2010 she is residence artist in Haus Schwarzenberg in Berlin Mitte. In 2017 she received her MA Choreography at HZT Berlin (HfS Ernst Busch and UDK Berlin).
Live performances as an experimental platform and rendezvous, she organises events and performances, explores the interface between dance and music.

Besides collaboration and creation, she work as a Pilates based physical trainer as well as lecturer in the performance and performing art field.

With the sound meditation, the vibration of Tibetan bowls and gongs becomes a means to get in touch with our own nature in the awareness of body and mind, to rebalance our life energies and to open our subtle channels. During the seminar we will learn the basics of this practice, focusing on breathing and listening to our inner vibration.

The Apulian-born musician, who transplanted to Berlin in 1994, has made sound experimentation the guiding principle of his artistic research, leading to collaborations with much of the German capital’s experimental avant-garde scene. Parallel to his activity as a drummer, he has developed over the years the study of sound as a holistic therapeutic discipline, as well as the practice of meditation and Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound). He has also studied with several masters of the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition, such as Chogyal Namkai Norbu and Ringu Tulku Rimpoche, and delved into the writings of mystics and philosophers such as Krishnamurti and Osho. He practices Reiki and leads sound meditations with Tibetan bells, gongs and frame drums.

Roots: a basis to dance. Francesco’s teaching is based on principles of Aikido ,Tai Chi, Qi gong, Contact improvisation, Instant composition and Bodywork. This work will inspire us to let go and flow contacting ourselves, partners, and the surrounding nature. During the classes we will practice grounding, spirals and flow into the movement, intention, connection centre-extremity, moving without effort, exploring different kind of touch and weight, tuning with partners and environment, energetic massage.

Francesco Zita is a Tai chi-Qi gong and Contact improvisation teacher, Biodinamic Craniosacral therapist, dancer and performer. In the early 80’s he started his training in theatre-improvisation, martial arts (Aikido, Kung fu), Yoga (Iyengar).  He also studied massage, including shiatsu, ayurvedic massage and bodywork. His interest for Taoist philosophy will bring him to enrich the possibility to be in harmony with the Tao, the ‘Way of  Nature’.

Practical Info:

Arrivals: 10th August at 5pm

Departures 16th August after the practice and breakfast, around 11 am

Sessions are taught approximately: from 9-1 am  & 5-8 pm  (subject to change) and will take place in the open air (covered) studio or in the surrounding countryside or at the beach.

The rest of the time participants have use of the dance studio, small pool, surrounding countryside, beach (15 min drive).

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