20-24 settembre: contact improvisation with Frey Faust & Francesca Pedullà

Extraction and application of natural colors 🗓
6 September 2015
TAI CHI regular course with FRANCESCO ZITA – monday and thursday
5 April 2016

20-24 settembre: contact improvisation with Frey Faust & Francesca Pedullà 🗓

Francesca Pedullà
negotiation – Study of the perception of internal and external time and space

I’m fascinated by dialogue, successful, unfinished or even bankrupt.
I’m interested in the continual compromises that must be made in order to interact with the environment – physical, auditory, social, emotional, cultural and political.
The complexity of the body in motion and its sensitive, dynamic architecture provide a field of stimulating research that generates questions and insights, for example:
How we adapt to external conditions?
How does individual morphology influence our experience?
How do we share the moment?
How do we agree with ourselves?
How do we dance for ourselves even as we dance together?
During the seminar we will work with both theoretical and practical stimuli, find time to discuss the process, do and observe individual and group improvisations, and of course we will dance together.


Frey Faust

Contact Improvisation
Created by Nita Little and Steven Paxton in the early ’70s, CI is a revolutionary artistic platform that allows the affirmation of the value of collaboration as well as individual and collective access to the environment and the universe. During the seminar, using improvisation, we will study the implications of different degrees of “touch”, weight exchange, and perception of space.

The Axis Syllabus

First consolidated by Frey Faust, The Axis Syllabus is an information archive or knowledge fund pertaining to the human body in motion. It can serve as a theoretical and practical manual for athletes, dancers, physiotherapists etc. The Axis Syllabus references the latest breakthroughs in related science: anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, physics, biology. Available information is constantly compared and updated through the Axis Syllabus Research Community, an international community of specialists, theorists and artists, working together to promote ethical and innovative way to learn, use and convey movement. The main objectives are to spread a practice of healthy and efficient movement in harmony with the body’s structure, as well as stimulate perception and raise standards for the transmission of movement. Axis Syllabus certified teachers provide reltively “neutral” applications that can be used in any discipline: dance techniques, sports, somatic studies and rehabilitation practices. www.axissyllabus.org




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