1st-8th August 2023 July Stanzak – Poetry into movement

10th-15th August 2023 Tuning into the Wild 🗓
7 January 2023
25 -31 July 2023. The practice of tuning. Feldenkrais / Improvisation/ Contact Simonetta Alessandri & Adalisa Menghini 🗓
10 January 2023

1st-8th August 2023 July Stanzak – Poetry into movement 🗓

July Stanzak: the poetry of space.

– experiencing what makes(brings) us to move and to express with body and spirit.”

We can open our highest potential for creativity and expressing ourselves thru movement of all kinds.
Thru exercises of Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama breathing techniques, Tao, and chi quong, along with basic contemporary dance approaches, we can touch a deeper level of conscienceness to understand why we move, how we move, and where we take ourselves in space.
A strong understanding of our inner world and use of freedom with imagination we can touch a vast underlying potential to create!

The workshop is oriented on the creation of a final performance

Arrivals: 1st August at 5pm

Departures: 8nd August at 10 am

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