Natural arts and crafts

Casina Settarte aims to be a centre for creative development and education alongside the practice of sustainability.

The artistic experimentation becomes an opportunity to deepen the environmental learning and the principal of sustainable development in everyday life. The objective of this is to create a new awareness of nature as a precious font for a new sustainable creativity.


During the year we host many ‘Laboratories’, ranging from Natural Colours, to making recycled paper, natural rubber stamps, Zen drawing, ceramics, illustration, wood carving and many more. Labs are open to all creative people interested in experimenting with natural materials in a tranquil and beautiful environment.

In future we are planning to make a ‘Land Art Path’ which will represent the unity between art, nature and movement. If you would like to help us out with this please get in touch! We will post more information about this soon.

Please see ‘workshops’ and ‘courses’ pages for upcoming activities in natural arts and crafts.