We invite you to join us in the world of Casina Settarte to experience the deep connection between humans, nature and mankind as a whole. We try to live sustainably day-to-day, finding a balance between our needs and the needs of future generations.

At Casina Settarte we believe that by paying attention to simple, everyday things we can develop our awareness and understanding of sustainable living.

Small ways we can start to make a difference are by recycling, reducing our consumption of plastic, re-using glass containers, using natural and biodegradeable soaps.

We ask you to please read the following practical information before you arrive, if you have any questions about these things please don’t hesitate to ask us.


Travelling to Casina Settarte

As we are in a remote place we can help you to arrange your travel plans so that we can all save time, money and the environment.

We usually organise group transport from local points and put you in touch with other workshop participants and visitors so you can travel together. You can also use our Facebook page to communicate with other visitors to arrange travel.

The nearest train station is Ostuni, about 15 minutes away by car, we usually pick up workshop participants at 7pm from the bar at Ostuni train station the day before the workshop starts. You must arrange this with us in advance. If you cannot make this pick-up time then you can get here by taxi, please contact us for phone numbers for local taxi firms.

In all cases please email info@casinasettarte.org in advance to let us know what date and time you will arrive and what modes of transport you will use.


Casina  (17)

Things to bring

  • Sleeping bag or sheets and pillowcases
  • Jumper or jacket for cold evenings
  • Torch
  • Mosquito repellent (during hot weather)
  • Shoes that can be used to dance or walk outdoors
  • Water bottle or flask
  • 100% natural and biodegradeable toiletries (shampoo, cream, soap, toothpaste etc.) *

Things that are provided

  • bed sheets
  • bed with mattress
  • pillows

Please do not bring

– Plastic (bottles, bags)

– Chemical soaps, products of any kind.

*All water used on site goes directly into the earth and to the plants around us, any chemical products will poison the plants, which are also our food.


Kitchen and food preparation

Meals here are mostly vegetarian, we cook together using local foods. Everyone will take turns at cooking and a schedule will be arranged at the beginning of your workshop for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At each meal time one group will prepare the food, wash up, clean the communal areas used and leave everything in order.

Everyone should wash their own plate, cutlery and cups in the washing up area.

As the kitchen is outside please take care not to leave food around as it can attract animals.

Please let us know about any food intolerances, allergies or other dietary requirements so we can make the necessary arrangements.



Tap water here is NOT drinkable, however it is safe to use in cooking.

Drinking water is provided in the clearly labelled, metal containers in the kitchen.

As we are in the countryside and there are no water pipes that run to the site we must be careful with our water consumption, using only what is necessary and taking care to turn of taps during washing teeth, lathering up during your shower or whilst washing dishes.

For taking showers after going to the beach please use the external shower outside the Fish House or the Trullo to avoid blocking the indoor pipes with sand.



Recycling is really important here and we try to always find ways to reduce our environmental impact by reducing our usage of plastics and non-recyclables and re-using glass and other materials.

Bins are marked as follows;

Compost = food leftovers and peelings.

Glass = Bottles and broken glass (jars are generally re-used for jams etc.)

Plastic = bottles, bags, wrapping

Paper and Card = including cardboard and tetrapack

Please don’t leave bottles, creams and rubbish around the site or when you leave. Please dispose of them in the appropriate containers.



This region is very dry and windy and consequently the risk of fire is very high.

For safety reasons please only smoke in the designated smoking area next to the kitchen and dispose of your butts carefully and considerately, being sure they are fully extinguished and not littering the site.

Smoking is not allowed in bedrooms, bathrooms or near the studio.



Please pay your fees on arrival at the site or on the first day of your workshop.

There is an ATM/Bancomat in town.


Other things to be aware of:

Dry walls: in this region there are examples of land art including dry walls hundreds of years old. Please do not walk or climb on or damage the walls in any way.

Trees and plants: Please avoid climbing on the trees, picking fruit or plants (use is limited to the resident family) or walking on planted areas.

Drugs: For legal reasons the use of drugs on site is strictly prohibited.

We hope you will treat this place like home and help us to take care of it and of the spaces that you use.

 Vi invitiamo a sentirvi parte di questo luogo e responsabili della sua cura, degli spazi comuni, degli alloggi e delle varie sale di lavoro.

Per qualsiasi dubbio siamo a disposizione 😉

Franco & Germana