Casina Settarte is a place where the sun is reflected on the white roofs of the Trulli sprouting here and there amongst the green of olive groves.

Here daily life is marked by the principles of love for the land, attention and care for every living being and the search for our essential self.

Casina Settarte, our history:

Founded in 1993 in Puglia, Italy, Casina Settarte is a centre for creative development and education alongside the practice of sustainability, a place of creative research and experimentation surrounded by nature.

The centre focuses on movement, Arts and crafts, and Permaculture with a particular focus on Dance and Contact Improvisation, Martial Arts (Tai Chi – Qi Gong), Butoh Dance, Feldenkrais, Voice, Somatic Practies, Bodywork, Dance Theatre, Improvisation.

We run projects, courses and workshops throughout the year in these areas lead by ourselves and visiting teachers.

A Tai Chi course led by Francesco Zita is active all year long. contact us for more details!