Julie Anne Stanzak: Poetry and necessity into movement

Julie Stanzak at Casina settarte

from 1° to 7 ago­sto 2024

Semi­nar aimed at dan­cers, actors and all tho­se inte­re­sted in the poe­tic and crea­ti­ve aspect of move­ment

Julie Anne Stan­za­k’s semi­nar is an inten­se and crea­ti­ve expe­rien­ce that tou­ches the dee­pe­st part of eve­ryo­ne, aimed at liste­ning to per­so­nal urgen­cy and the respon­si­bi­li­ty to express and com­mu­ni­ca­te it. The move­ment ‘ari­ses’ as a neces­si­ty and not as a tech­ni­cal sign, to achie­ve the crea­tion of a SOLO, poe­tic expres­sion of its own truth. It’s not about repro­du­cing move­men­ts or tech­ni­ques or sequen­ces. but to feel in eve­ry moment how the move­ment is con­nec­ted with the emo­tion or memo­ry that crea­ted it, and how we are able to “distill” what belongs to us poe­ti­cal­ly and offer it to the public.

The work is orien­ted towards the col­lec­ti­ve com­po­si­tion of a final per­for­man­ce crea­ted star­ting from the solos, due­ts, trios that deve­lo­ped toge­ther, and flow into group work.

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