Casina Settarte is a place of research and experimentation

Resi­den­tial cen­ter for crea­ti­ve deve­lo­p­ment and edu­ca­tion of the body. A pla­ce dedi­ca­ted to the prac­ti­ce of sustai­na­bi­li­ty, research and expe­ri­men­ta­tion sur­roun­ded and influen­ced by natu­re.

Arts of Movement

We think with the body.

The body is our gui­de. It’s just a mat­ter of lear­ning to listen to it.

Intensive Workshops


It’s won­der­ful when a pla­ce belongs to eve­ryo­ne. We must be care­ful, howe­ver, that it does not beco­me anyo­ne’s pro­per­ty.

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Rego­la­sen­so Casi­na Set­tar­te

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