Gravity and Grace

Gravity and Grace, con Gabriella Zeno, Casina Settarte

From 10 to 15 sep­tem­ber 2024

An inten­si­ve semi­nar with Gabriel­la Zeno, research on move­ment, an inve­sti­ga­tion on the orga­ni­sm-per­son.

This semi­nar is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­duct a type of research on move­ment aimed at inve­sti­ga­ting the per­son-orga­ni­sm as a mate­rial enti­ty that con­tains within itself the dif­fe­rent sta­tes of mat­ter. This is a type of work that allo­ws par­ti­ci­pan­ts to expand their aware­ness regar­ding the per­cep­tion of inter­nal and exter­nal spa­ce, of immo­bi­li­ty in the dyna­mi­sm of move­ment and of dyna­mi­sm in immo­bi­li­ty, to train the per­cep­ti­ve abi­li­ties of inter­nal and exter­nal touch, to sta­bi­li­ze and streng­then the “cen­ter”, and to enrich one’s per­so­nal sty­le with varied expres­si­ve tones. The­re are work ses­sions enti­re­ly dedi­ca­ted to theo­ry and impro­vi­sa­tion, and trai­ning ses­sions in the hall and out­doors, the lat­ter invol­ving walks in the Itria val­ley which will allow us to del­ve dee­per into this research, throu­gh direct obser­va­tion of the dif­fe­rent sta­tes of mat­ter, explo­ring natu­ral envi­ron­men­ts.

  • Gabriel­la Zeno is an inde­pen­dent arti­st and resear­cher acti­ve in the field of per­for­ming arts. Her arti­stic acti­vi­ty covers dif­fe­rent means of expres­sion: sho­ws, per­for­man­ces, research labo­ra­to­ries, con­fe­ren­ces and wri­ting. Among the even­ts in which she took part: ImPul­sTanz Sym­po­sium for Dan­ce and Other Con­tem­po­ra­ry Prac­ti­ces, To be named Coling Pro­ject, 13Festivalen – festi­val of per­for­man­ce art, Swe­den, 7th IDOCDE Sym­po­sium – ImPul­sTanz Festi­val, Inter­na­tio­nal Festi­val of Making Thea­ter, Gree­ce, Edin­bur­gh Frin­ge Festi­val. She has been an arti­st in resi­den­ce at Pon­de­ro­sa Dan­ce in Ger­ma­ny, at the Cen­ter for Crea­ti­ve Acti­vi­ties in Poland, and at ACUR in Cata­lo­nia, Spain.

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