Contact Jam: Taken by Surprise

Jam a Casina Settarte, settembre 2024

From 2 to 8 sep­tem­ber 2024


A six-day resi­den­tial con­tact jam in Casi­na Set­tar­te inspi­red by the desi­re to cul­ti­va­te curio­si­ty and embra­ce sur­pri­se, dan­ce and life itself, in a power­ful pla­ce, sur­roun­ded by natu­re in sou­thern Ita­ly.

The aspec­ts we would like to under­li­ne are: con­tact, impro­vi­sa­tion, curio­si­ty, avai­la­bi­li­ty, not kno­wing, sur­pri­sing and being sur­pri­sed and fee­ling the dan­ce expand in life. In other words: we would like to cul­ti­va­te and revi­sit some fun­da­men­tal cha­rac­te­ri­stics of CI in its ear­ly years – with today’s eyes and expe­rien­ces and throu­gh sha­ring bet­ween older and youn­ger gene­ra­tions. We are wai­ting for you for a joy­ful moment of research, play, dan­ce that will lead to spon­ta­neous eve­ning sho­ws. In the same way we would like to give spa­ce to exchan­ge and reflec­tion.

The­re will be 4 faci­li­ta­tors pro­vi­ding dif­fe­rent approa­ches to impro­vi­sa­tion, prac­ti­ce, body aware­ness, soma­tics and min­d­ful­ness, also dra­wing on the Under­sco­re crea­ted by Nan­cy Stark Smith. We will dan­ce in the mor­ning, in the after­noon and after din­ner. Beyond a magni­fi­cent 200 m² cove­red plat­form sur­roun­ded by natu­re, it is pos­si­ble to use various very sug­ge­sti­ve out­door spa­ces. The­re will be hour and a half les­sons that will feed into the Jams. Live music is plan­ned. The­re will be spa­ce for par­ti­ci­pan­ts to share prac­ti­ces, expe­rien­ces, research or que­stions.
Taking advan­ta­ge of the Adria­tic Sea very clo­se by, we will spend a mor­ning on the beach at dawn to enjoy the mira­cle of the new day, take a dip and dan­ce.

The gui­des who will sup­port this joy­ful event will be:

  • Fran­ce­sco Zita (Ita­lia);
  • Bea­tri­ce Shu­ma­cher (Sviz­ze­ra);
  • Miche­le Mar­che­sa­ni (Ita­lia);
  • Nina Rado­va­no­vic (Ser­bia);

FRANCESCO ZITA, Tai Chi-Qigong and Con­tact Impro­vi­sa­tion tea­cher, bio­dy­na­mic Cra­nio­sa­cral the­ra­pi­st, mover and per­for­mer. In the ear­ly 1980s he began his trai­ning in thea­tri­cal impro­vi­sa­tion, mar­tial arts (Aiki­do, Kung Fu), Yoga (Iyen­gar). In 1993, toge­ther with Ger­ma­na Sici­lia­ni, he foun­ded Casi­na Set­tar­te, a cen­ter for arti­stic resi­den­cies within the move­ment, in the coun­try­si­de of the Val­le dei Trul­li in Puglia.

BEATRICE SHUMACHER, histo­ric and expert dan­cer of CI, also loves and prac­ti­ces impro­vi­sa­tion and Butoh, on her way towards the fusion of bodi­ly and intel­lec­tual aspec­ts in a sin­gle being. You are cur­ren­tly car­ry­ing out a histo­ri­cal-anth­ro­po­lo­gi­cal research pro­ject on Con­tact Impro­vi­sa­tion in Swi­tzer­land and sou­thern Ger­ma­ny focu­sing on the expe­rien­ces of CI dan­cers and dif­fe­rent cul­tu­res. She lives in Basel (CH), whe­re she also faci­li­ta­tes a Sco­re Jam.

MICHELE MARCHESANI Con­tact Impro­vi­sa­tion dan­cer, Shia­tsu tea­cher, musi­cian and move­ment resear­cher. In 2003 he syn­the­si­zed “Inter­nal Touch”, a body tech­ni­que of move­ment and per­cep­tion ( for which he holds regu­lar cour­ses and trai­ning. In 2004 he met Con­tact Impro­vi­sa­tion, which he fol­lo­wed as a stu­dent, event orga­ni­zer and in recent years as a tea­cher in Ita­ly and Euro­pe.

NINA RADOVANOVIC, dan­cer and yogi­ni living bet­ween Ser­bia and Croa­tia, disco­ve­red her pas­sion for con­tact impro­vi­sa­tion in India 15 years ago. She tea­ches CI, she explo­res water dan­ce and con­tri­bu­tes to com­mu­ni­ty con­nec­tions throu­gh MOVE2Collective and CECITE mee­tings. As co-foun­der of Con­tact Impro­vi­sa­tion Camp Croa­tia, Nina also shares her expe­rien­ces at inter­na­tio­nal festi­vals and work­shops.

Practical information

  • ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE Arri­val is sche­du­led for Sep­tem­ber 2nd at 5pm with acti­vi­ties star­ting at 7pm. Depar­tu­re Sep­tem­ber 8th at 10am.
  • EARLY BIRD Ear­ly Bird (discoun­ted pri­ce) for regi­stra­tions by July 1st.
  • ACCOMMODATION Dif­fe­rent pos­si­bi­li­ties, in ten­ts, sto­ne or woo­den hou­ses.
  • FOOD Main­ly vege­ta­rian, pre­pa­red by a cook and with the col­la­bo­ra­tion of the par­ti­ci­pan­ts.
  • WHERE Casi­na Set­tar­te is loca­ted near Ostu­ni. Clo­se to Brin­di­si air­port (half an hour from Ostu­ni). Bari can be an option (1 hour and a half from Ostu­ni). We will come to pick you up at the Ostu­ni train sta­tion.

The Jam will be able to host a maxi­mum of 30 par­ti­ci­pan­ts.

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